Tips for bathroom renovations

If you are thinking about renovating a bathroom in your home, there are certain things to consider. First of all, you need to determine if you are going to do a minor renovation (paint, and maybe a new vanity) or a major renovation (complete gut). These updates can vary from a few hundred dollars to … Read more

Got a lot of junk but not enough to rent a dumpster?

Photo of dog in driver's seat of truck

We know so many families that want to clean house but don’t have enough junk to fill a dumpster. If you fall into that category and don’t have a truck, or the time to go to the local dump, we have the answer! One customer was looking into buying the bagster, which retails for approximately … Read more

Eco-friendly pit stain remover that actually works!

Image of man in stained t-shirt

Best Stain Remover If you own any white shirt you know those awful disgusting yellow armpit stains that develop over time. Especially on T-shirts. Well, we have some of those shirts in our house. Eventually, they get too disgusting and must be used for something else. I had just accepted that this was part of … Read more

The Dumpster Divers go solar

Solar panels are an eco-friendly, inexpensive way to warm up your pool. We have a 20 X 40 in-ground pool in MA. It gets pretty cold in the Northeast, and our summers are short. Mike and I wanted to extend our swim season as long as possible without using more electricity or gas (etc). Pool … Read more

Rent a dumpster to clean house for your New Year’s resolution!

Sarcastic "I wish I had more clutter" graphic.

If you are anything like us, you have all sorts of old games and toys lying around that your kids have outgrown, that are missing pieces or not in good enough shape to donate. Now, after the holidays, you have all sorts of new things that you need to find a place for but there … Read more