Disposing of old household junk

Clear clutter, create spaceSo spring arrives and you look around your house wondering “How do I get rid of all this old junk that we’ve collected over the years?” Your closets and drawers are overflowing, the garage, basement and attic are at their max! You need to make room! You have no storage space left! Does this sound like your house? Well here is the most responsible and easiest way to clean out your home. Rent a dumpster!

All you have to do is pick up the phone or reserve one on-line from The Dumpster Divers “your eco-friendly trash team”. We will drop off the dumpster exactly where you would like it placed. You fill it up, and we haul it away! Not only that, but we’ll see to it that everything gets disposed of or recycled properly. That’s so important to help preserve our environment!

Have some hard to get rid of items that the town won’t pick up, like t.v.’s, computer monitors, air conditioners (etc.)? No worries…The Dumpster Divers will also do seperate recycling pick-ups at your convenience!

So forget trying to borrow Uncle Henry’s pick up truck, purchasing a dump sticker (if you can even get one in your town), and wasting all the gas making numerous trips to the landfill yourself. By the time it’s said and done, it is far less hassle, less time consuming and less expensive to rent a dumpster! Plus you’ll be doing your back a favor too. The Dumpster Divers containers all have a swinging door that allows you to walk right in. No lifting heavy furniture, construction debris, junk and trash up into a big pick up truck!

Call The Dumpster Divers “your eco-friendly trash team” for your next home clean out or renovation. You can reach us at 508-925-5245 or contact us online.