If you have a big home cleaning project coming up, or you’re moving or renovating, you will need to think about trash removal. Make sure you evaluate your trash removal needs very carefully before you make that decision. In this picture you will notice one of those big trash removal bags overflowing. You will also see that this renovator ended up having to rent a dumpster from The Dumpster Divers in addition to the bag. We can all understand trying to save money. Unfortunately, in this particular situation, it backfired. If he had thought it through very carefully, he may have realized that renting one 10 yard dumpster would have actually saved him money in the long run. Did you know that a 10 yard dumpster can accommodate more than twice the amount of junk as one of those bags? So you would need to purchase and haul away 3 bags instead of one 10 yard dumpster. That would end up costing you over $500! You can rent one 10 yard dumpster from The Dumpster Divers for only $309! Not to mention the convenience of having a hard structure instead of a saggy bag that overflows onto your lawn!

Sometimes the bag just won’t do.

So, looking at the photo, which makes more sense to you? Dumpster or bag?

The moral of this story? There are certain things you should never skimp on: a good cut of steak, education, soft toilet paper, and yes, your garbage removal needs!

Spring has almost sprung! Time to clean out your house or do that renovation you have been putting off. Give The Dumpster Divers a call to help with that project. We will deliver your dumpster and place it wherever you like. Then you fill it up at your convenience and we will haul it away when you’re done. How easy is that?

If you are close to Shrewsbury and don’t have that much trash, we will even work out a reasonable price to come haul it away in a pick-up truck. The Dumpster Divers are always willing to work out the best deals for our customers.

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