How to dispose of old paint

I recently read an article in a trade magazine that talked about ways of getting rid of old paint. You may not know this but dried latex paint is okay to throw away in your weekly trash or a dumpster because it is listed as non-toxic. However, oil based paint is another story and can not be thrown away. You can check with your town for proper disposal of oil based paints.

Image of latex paint cans drying out for disposal
How to dispose of old latex paint
If you are thinking about disposing of old paint, then chances are you are planning an entire garage, basement or home clean out. So you may want to rent a dumpster. That is by far the easiest way to purge all your old junk at once. Before setting up your dumpster rental, you want to give yourself enough time to dry out that old paint because you can’t put wet paint into your trash or dumpster. If you only have a little in the bottom of a can, you can just leave the lid off and throw some kitty litter in it. If you have more that 1/4 of a can you can lay out a thin plastic sheet with a drop cloth on top. Slowly spread the paint in a thin layer onto your drop cloth and let sit until dry. The plastic will ensure that the paint doesn’t leak through and damage your driveway or garage floor. It is best to do this outside on a dry, breezy, sunny day. It will dry much quicker in those weather conditions.

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